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The easiest way is to grab a guide and that’ll answer most of your questions.

However, the sole purpose of creating this guide was to help you. Make it easy for you. So, I’m here if you need an answer. 

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5 Questions You Want to Know…

1. What do I do FIRST?  – The guide has an incredibly detailed timeline of what to do and when to do it. So while you wait for you guide to arrive in the mail, you can start a guest list to help determine a general number to go “shopping” with at venues. Booking your venue determines the date and then everything else can fall into place. At first, they will want to know an estimated guest count, a day of week/date/month/season you wish to wed, and probably budget.

2. What do I do next?  – Do you have your guide yet? It’ll tell you what’s next.

3. Where can I find vendors?– Some of the best search engines for finding wedding vendors include The Knot, Wedding Wire, Eventective, and good ‘ole Google.

4. What do I ask the Venue? The Caterer? The photographer? The DJ/Band?  – I’ve laid out a specific sets of questions for each vendor that will help you plan like a pro. Literally. Each section even has a notes section so you can jot anything down during tours, calls or meetings. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the information, our Venue Comparison download can help you organize your vendors so you can decide whom to hire.

5. Where is the best place for inspiration?Customize your Wedding with Etsy. Head over to Pinterest for Wedding Porn.


What 5 Things Do Couples Regret The Most

1. Not Hiring a Videographer – The biggest regret. You will watch your video more frequently than you find yourself looking at your photographs. Photos are great but they don’t allow you hear the voices of those that may be gone. Videos allow you to see what you missed because you were elsewhere.

2. Not Hiring a Wedding Planner – Having someone help you is crucial. Planning is stressful and there are a lot of moving parts. Something may get missed without a planner. At the very least, you should have a planner on your Big Day. Pass on the worry to a planner to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

3. Quality Photographer – These memories will last a lifetime and you want to capture your special day in a special way. They can manipulate lighting and have an artists eye for posing. A Professional Photographer can guide you, your family and friends to have the photos look the best. View the portfolios that find a photographer that will match your aesthetic.

4. Big Money on Favors – Favors are great but to a point. You don’t have to blow the budget to have takeaways. A lot of the time, they are left or forgotten.

5. Spending Excessive Money on the Cake – Cakes are expensive and detail adds up. If you have a multiple-tier cake in mind, chances are you are spending over $500 and it often goes uneaten. An easy way to save some money is to have a miniature cake for the cake cutting ceremony and have a cake in the back to cut and serve.


Why THIS Guide?

1. You can plan your wedding entirely – start to finish! Day-of assistance highly recommended.

2. Planning made FUN – plan like a professional to reduce stress while saving time, money and frustration.

3. Beyond Detailed. I tried to be extremely thorough so that I could help you as much as possible. But I’ll let you be the judge after you thumb through the guide.

4. Religious? No problem – we have ceremony information and traditions for several major faiths. Includes illustrations of order of procession and recession, how to stand, and many different complimentary templates for invitations, programs, and organizational tools like an excel for your guest list and itineraries.

5. The incredible workbook. Log every detail to stay organized. The On-The-Go guide’s workbook section will allow you to never forget vendor contact information, times, payments made, appointment times, and plan everything with incredible detail.